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Last updated Apr 4, 2024


You can use the Publish section to:
  • Create a project version: freeze the current models state into a project version.
  • Deploy project version: assign hardware resource and make the models accessible from workflows.
  • Automate your process: consume the product version in an automation and open Studio Web or Studio Desktop.

Project Version

A project version is a snapshot of the current models state. Since the Classifier and Extractor models are trained continuously as you upload data or interact with the model, you can use the Project version feature to freeze the current state of the models if you are satisfied with the performance. Once a project version is created, you can start using your models in a workflow.

Creating a New Project Version

If you are satisfied with the current model performance, or want to test the model behavior in a workflow, create a new project version.
  1. Go to the Publish section in your project.
  2. Click Create a project version.
  3. Fill in the name of your project version in the Name field.
  4. [Optional] Add a description for your project version.
  5. Choose the models you want to be included from the Models to include drop-down list.
    Tip: Classification is automatically enabled when multiple document types are selected.
  6. Choose the deployment type.
  7. Click Create.

Once a project version is created, model training is automatically kicked off. Both Classifier and Extractor selected during process version creation are trained on all uploaded data. Depending on the model and the size of the dataset, this can take from a few minutes to several hours.

Deploying a Project Version

After a project is created, the A project version can have one of the following status:
  • Training: Models in the project are being trained. This is a transitory state.
  • Trained: Models in the project are trained.
  • Undeployed: Models trainining is complete, but the models are in idle state. Models are not consuming any resources and the project version cannot be referenced from, or used in workflows. Undeployed project versions are not available in Studio activities.
  • Deployed: Models training is complete, and the are running. Models are consuming hardware resources and the porject version can be referenced from and used in workflows.

To deploy a project version, click on the toggle from the Deployed column.

Automate your Process

Once a project version is deployed, you can use the models in workflows. You can do this easily by selecting the desired deployed project version from the list and clicking Open Studio Web or selecting Open Studio Desktop.

  • Project Version
  • Creating a New Project Version
  • Deploying a Project Version
  • Automate your Process

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