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Last updated Apr 4, 2024

1040 - ML Package


IRS Tax Form 1040, is used by U.S. taxpayers to file the annual income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

This Document Understanding Skill can extract commonly occurring data points from Form 1040, tax year 2021 (up to 58 fields plus items). It can be used as a starting point for further training, or be adjusted to accommodate the particularities of the business process.


The skill is trained to automatically detect data such as:

  • Name, Address, Phone, SSN of the Taxpayer/Spouse;
  • Income Sources and Total Taxable Income;
  • Dependencies, Designee, Paid Preparer, Signatures.
Note: For the complete list of extracted fields, check the Out-of-the-box Models Details file.


You can download the following sample filled-in forms:

You can also preview the samples of a filled-in form:

  • Overview
  • Particularities
  • Samples

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