UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

August 2022

General Release Notes - Document Understanding

24 August 2022


Importing a dataset from Validation Station is now done without having the fields manual edited. If a manual edit is needed the user can do this after importing the dataset.

Improvements have been made on the OCR settings, meaning that once an OCR engine is set, it can be used for a Document Manager session created using Document Understanding.

Improvements have been made on the Create new document type Semi-Structured AI window, allowing you to select an out-of-the-box pre-trained document type and to customize it as needed.

The Document Manager REST API has also been released. Our customers often need to comply with Data Privacy Regulations, such as GDPR, which means they often need the ability to delete specific documents at the request of their owners. The "Permanent Delete Documents" endpoint allows permanent deletion to be integrated as a part of your automation process, making everything hassle-free.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that was causing a 500 error return at import time due to the KeyError's parameter.

4 August 2022

Bug Fixes

This hotfix release brings the following updates:

  • Fixed a bug occurring when files were imported in Document Manager, resulting in a List index out of range error. You can now import files in Document Manager without encountering this error anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing import errors in Document Manager due to naming issues.

2 August 2022


The Create new project popup box has been redesigned and brings an Advanced options section. Here you can choose to import and select a project from AI Center by using the Import from AI Center and the AI Center projects options.

The Export files popup box has a new button available, the Download to Excel option, that allows you to download the exported files in an Excel format.

Forms AI has been updated and now includes a Delete all fields button. Use this function to delete all fields, including Regular and Column fields, and all the labels on the documents in the current Document Type collection. This action cannot be undone.

The Import function now also has an Import Status screen that offers details about the process, such as Import type, used OCR engine, Processed documents, Skipped duplicated, or Errors. You can choose to view the logs for more details, or to close the dialog box.

Bug Fixes

Fixed several security issues.

General Release Notes - ML Packages

29 August 2022

Released in DocumentUnderstanding + Data Extraction ML Packages

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug on private skills usage and now the private skill can be used only with an API key that belongs to the same organization that is using the AI Center instance.

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August 2022

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