UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Intelligent Form Extractor

What is Intelligent Form Extractor

The Intelligent Form Extractor is a specialized tool for processing fixed layout documents for data extraction, that is building on top of the Form Extractor and adding extra capabilities, such as

  • handwriting recognition and handwritten data extraction,
  • signature detection.

The additional features of Intelligent Form Extractor, when compared to Form Extractor, make it a very good fit for processing all types of forms that

  • may be printed OR handwritten,
  • may require checking whether the form is signed or not.

These two additional features are configurable from the activity's Template Manager wizard, in addition to the configurations already present in the Form Extractor.

It is strongly recommended to read the Form Extractor documentation before proceeding, to understand how it works, when to use, how to configure the basic functionality.

This extractor does not have learning (training) capabilities and requires up-front configuration.

Special Requirements

You need to use your Automation Cloud Document Understanding API Key, or host your own instance of the Intelligent Form Extractor in AI Center on-prem, to use this extractor.

How to Configure

Building on top of the Form Extractor, the Intelligent Form Extractor has the same configuration options, with extra settings available for processing Handwritten Fields (fields that may appear either printed or handwritten within a document), and Signature Fields (fields that need to capture whether there is a signature present in a given area of the document, or not).

Additions to the Template Manager configuration options are detailed below.

The Template Manager Wizard

Creating, editing, deleting, importing, and exporting templates are performed the same way as in the Form Extractor case.

Please review the associated documentation for these functionalities.

The Signature Fields and Handwritten Fields allow you to specify which fields from a given document type should be processed for Handwriting and which fields should be processed for Signature Detection. Multiple checkboxes can be selected from the drop-down list of each option.

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Intelligent Form Extractor

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