UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Getting Started with Document Understanding

As a first time user of Document Understanding, follow the steps below to create a new project or session.

Make sure that Document Understanding is enabled on your tenant by following the steps below:


Create a new project

Before creating a new project, familiarize yourself with Document Understanding by going through this small tutorial.

Create a new project using Document Understanding

  1. Open Document Understanding
  2. Click on the New project button.
  1. Fill in all the required fields and click Create. You now have a new project that is available only in Document Understanding.
  2. Open the newly created project, click on the New button, and select Using Semi-Structured AI.

Create a new document type

Once you have created your project, you can start creating new document types, according to your project needs. Here are the steps you need to follow for creating a new document type:

  1. Open your project and click on the New project button.
  2. Choose the document type, Using Forms AI (fixed layout forms) or Using Semi-Structured AI. For this example we are using the Semi-Structured AI document type.
  1. Import your data by following these instructions.


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Getting Started with Document Understanding

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