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For information about the current status of Automation Cloud and our cloud services, see the Status page.

April 2021

30 April 2021

Insights Cloud General Availability

Today marks the arrival of the long-awaited Insights Cloud, which is now available as an Automation Cloud service for Enterprise customers. With Insights Cloud, you gain seamless visibility into RPA operations and user-defined business KPIs, all while maximizing the benefits of the cloud. The new interface and redesigned experience should provide a smooth and seamless path to getting insights from Insights!

Check out the Insights Cloud release notes and guide for more information.

28 April 2021

Usability Improvements

Switching Tenants

We have moved the tenant selection control from inside the user menu to the right of the page header. This way you can always see which tenant you are currently working in and easily switch tenants whenever you need.


User Language Options

Your user-selected language is applied to all Automation Cloud pages and all services, but only if they support the selected language. When on a page that does not support the language, the interface localization defaults to English.

We have now grouped all language options under a sub-menu and in this menu you can see (a) the current language, (b) other supported languages, and (c) which is new, languages that are not yet supported on the current page, which are shown as grayed out.


For more information about the localization options we currently support and what is in the works, see Localization Support.


26 April 2021

General Availability Releases

With this release, UiPath makes the following preview features generally available. General Availability offerings are fully functional products that are openly accessible to all UiPath customers for production use.

Azure Active Directory Integration

The integration between Automation Cloud and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is now in general availability.
This is an Enterprise feature and is available only to customers who are on the Enterprise or Enterprise Trial licensing plan.

Setting Up the Azure AD Integration

OAuth for Third-party Applications

The external applications feature, which allows you to register your third-party apps to use the OAuth flow for authorization to use UiPath APIs, is now generally available.

About External Applications

13 April 2021

Choose the Region for New Tenants

Enterprise customers who have requirements around the geographical areas where their data is kept can now choose the region where new tenants are hosted.
You choose the region when creating the tenant and services for the tenant are also hosted within the same region, if available.

For more information, see Regions and Instances. For instructions on how to create a tenant, see Managing Tenants.

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April 2021

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