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Automation Cloud Release Notes
Last updated Apr 1, 2024

April 2022

21 April 2022

Restricted Access to Admin

If you felt like something was missing... it is.

Now, only organization administrators can see and access the Admin pages.

Any other users no longer see the Admin option in navigation.

API access for non-administrators

Non-administrator users working on integrations need to obtain the API access information, which before this change was available from the Admin > Tenants page.

Without access to the Admin pages, they can now get this information from the Preferences page:

20 April 2022

SAML Integration

General availability

The SAML integration is now a general availability (GA) feature.

Provisioning rules

When using the SAML integrations, you can now define rules based on which users are automatically added to local groups in Automation Cloud. With a local group that is adequately set up, you can auto-provisions users with the licenses, roles, and robot setup they need for their job.

19 April 2022

Online License Purchase

Custom plans

The Plans and Pricing page, accessed by clicking Buy Now from Admin > Licenses, now includes a Custom plan type:

Community or Enterprise Trial customers can now create their own starter license plan, with custom license quantities, and benefit from the same quick and easy online purchasing flow. Purchasing a plan

User license details

As part of this update, we have also improved the design for how we show the details for each user license to reduce clutter and make it easier to identify what's included.

18 April 2022

User Preferences

Preferences specific to your user account are now centralized in the new Preferences page.

Click the user icon in the top-right corner of any page in Automation Cloud and then select Preferences:

The Preferences page has two tabs, available from the left navigation:

  • General tab: View your account information and manage your language and theme preferences, moved here from the user menu.
  • Privacy & security tab: View API access information for the Orchestrator service across all tenants to which you belong.

14 April 2022

Service Management Improvements

Previously, removing a service was done by deselecting the checkbox for a service from the Tenant Settings panel (Tenants page). But it was easy to mistakenly clear a checkbox and remove a service with no confirmation.

To prevent this, we have made these changes:

  • Services that are already provisioned for the tenant are no longer listed in the Tenant Settings panel. Only those services which can be provisioned are now shown.
  • To remove (or delete) a service from a tenant, in the list of tenants on the Tenants page, we have added a Delete option to the docs imageMore Actions menu for the service.

5 April 2022

Cloud Robots - Serverless (Preview)

This feature is only available to Community users.

Ever wondered how your life would look if you didn't have to worry about the infrastructure on which your automations are executed?

In the past couple months, we have made it our number one priority to make it happen and today we bring you UiPath Automation Cloud™ robots - Serverless, or Cloud robots - Serverless for short.

Serverless cloud robots make it easy to run background automation without worrying about the necessary infrastructure. They provide you with complete freedom from provisioning, managing, maintaining, and scaling any underlying infrastructure. UiPath handles all the work behind the scenes so you don't have to deal with containers, virtual machines, or physical servers.

See details about Automation Cloud robots - Serverless and instructions on how to set them up.

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