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Last updated Dec 8, 2023

May 2021

20 May 2021

Delete Your Organization

You can now explicitly delete your organization to remove your data from our systems.

Whether you want to get rid of a duplicate organization, are moving to on-premises, or just don't use it anymore, you can now remove it yourself, without having to open a support ticket.

The new option is available to organization administrators from Admin > Organization Settings:

Deleting Your Organization

19 May 2021

Usability Improvements

Theme Options

Dark theme is now available for the cloud portal and for the following services: Orchestrator, Actions and Processes, AI Center, Document Understanding, and Data Service, with more coming soon.

You can choose the theme from the user menu in the top-left of any page:

You can also choose the option Auto select theme to automatically set the Automation Cloud theme to light or dark according to your current Windows theme setting.

Selecting the Theme

Tenant-specific Header Color

You can now set a color to show along the top of the page for each of your tenants. This color remains visible across services so that you can always tell on which tenant you are.

Managing Tenants

10 May 2021

Automation Cloud Migration Tool

Move Orchestrator to Automation Cloud and pick up where you left off in your on-premises instance.

Moving on-premises Orchestrator to Automation Cloud just became a lot easier with the general availability release of the Automation Cloud Migration Tool version 2021.5.

Note: To use the tool, you must be on the Enterprise or Enterprise Trial licensing plan for Automation Cloud.

You now have a way to automatically recreate your on-premises Orchestrator entities in the Orchestrator service in Automation Cloud, which is most of the work in the migration process.

Manual migration continues to remain an option. The tool-assisted process is an automated alternative.


For more information about the migration process, see Migrating Orchestrator from On-premises to Cloud.

For details about using the tool, see Using the Migration Tool.

5 May 2021

Tenant and Service Management

We've made some improvements to the way in which you manage tenants and the services they contain:

  • You can now choose to disable a specific service for a specific tenant instead of enabling or disabling the entire tenant, offering you more granular control. You do this using the new enable/disable toggle that is available at the right of each service.

    You can still remove services from the tenant if you want, same as before.

    Tip: Disabling a service or removing it from the tenant both free up any license related to the service.
  • Tenants have only two possible statuses: Enabled or Disabled. There is also the temporary status Provisioning (when the tenant is being created). Since we've reduced the possible statuses for tenants, we have removed the Status filter that we had above the tenants grid - you likely won't be needing it anymore.
  • As for tenant options, we have also renamed the Edit Services option to Tenant Settings since we've been adding more options that let you configure the tenant itself in this panel.
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