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Last updated Nov 10, 2023

March 2022

28 March 2022

Session Policy Settings

You can now configure how you want us to handle user sessions for your organization.

From the new Session Policy tab under Admin > Security Settings, you can specify an idle timeout or limit concurrent sessions for your users.

Session policy

Hide Unused Services

You can now choose to hide UiPath Apps or the Resource Center (Help) icons from the left rail navigation. Services that you hide remain visible in navigation only to organization administrators.

Note: Even if hidden, users who have the direct URL for accessing Apps can still access and use the service.

The new UI Customization options are available to organization administrators from the Admin > Organization Settings page, under the Advanced Settings section:

Hiding unused services

Azure AD Integration - Breaking Change

We have updated the permissions that must be assigned from Azure in order to set up the Azure AD integration as follows:

  • For Group permissions, instead of Group.Read.All we are now requiring the GroupMember.Read.All permission.
  • For User permissions, instead of User.Read.All, we are now requiring the User.ReadBasic.All permission. (User.Read continues to be required, as before.)

This change was made to follow Microsoft’s recommended least privilege model.


If you already have the integration set up, you must update your Azure configuration to:

  1. Replace the old permissions with the new ones.
  2. Following the permissions changes, select the Grant admin consent checkbox.

Azure AD login troubleshooting: If you do not perform step 2, your users are asked to provide consent when they attempt to log in.. Because only an Azure administrator can consent, users won't be able to log in anymore.

Note: The Test Connection button is unavailable unless you make the above changes.

Configuring Azure AD for the integration (steps 9 and 10)

Azure AD Logout Experience

Logging out of Automation Cloud no longer logs you out of Azure AD as well.

23 March 2022

Admin Menu Changes

  • A new option is now available in the Admin menu in Automation Cloud, called Security Settings.
  • Authentication Settings, previously available from Admin > Accounts & Groups > Authentication Settings tab, are now under the new Security Settings option.

SAML Integration (Preview)

With this release, the SAML 2.0 integration for authentication is available for preview to Enterprise and Enterprise Trial customers.

What it does

The integration allows you to connect Automation Cloud to any third-party identity provider (IdP) that supports the SAML 2.0 standard - like Okta or PingOne, to name a few.

When integrated, user identities defined in the IdP are available as directory user accounts in Automation Cloud. You no longer need to create accounts for your employees in Automation Cloud if you already have them in your IdP, you can just reuse them.

We've made setting up the integration easy, and you can enable it with no disruption to your users.

10 March 2022

Known Issues

Non-functional API

The AuditQuery endpoints of the Platform Management APIs are broken and they fail providing a successful response. Our engineering team is working to fix these endpoints, but no immediate resolution is provided.

  • /api/AuditQuery/
  • /api/AuditQuery/download

Breaking changes for APIs

Also, the Platform Management APIs are undergoing a process of functional enhancement which may cause breaking changes to the endpoints. That is why the current APIs are marked as Preview in our reference documentation.

4 March 2022

Header Updates

We made a few minor changes to the Automation Cloud header:

  • The user icon has moved from the upper-left corner of the window to the upper-right corner of the window.
  • in the upper-left corner, we now have the App launcher icon, which opens the list of Automation Cloud products available to you.

Improved Error Messages

During online license purchase, any error related to charging the card returned the error message We are having trouble processing payment, please try again later.

Now, error messages have been added to better describe the cause of the failure - for example, This card has insufficient funds to complete this purchase.

Bug Fix

For starter license plans purchased online, the Manage Billing button was not available when payment was past due.

The button now remains available until the subscription is in a cancelled state.

Managing your subscription

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