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Legacy Apps User Guide
Last updated Jan 18, 2024

User Context References


App Studio offers the possibility to create personalized apps using runtime user context functions from the Resource Panel.

Within the Resource Panel, you can select the following references from the User section to display to the runtime user:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email


By using this feature you can personalize your app by providing a more personal experience for your users. For example, you can have a personal welcome message for every logged in user.

This feature can also be used to pass in the email id of the logged in user to the RPA process. By doing so, the process will bring better results, specific to that user.



Follow the steps below to build a personal welcome message for your logged in users.

  1. Add a Label display control in your design where you want the user name to be displayed.
  2. In the Text property of the Label, type in = to open the Resources panel.

  3. Write a message inside the text box, and then select the desired user reference from the User section inside the Resource panel.


To check if your design is successful, click Preview. In the end, the label should display the following message: Welcome <user>.
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