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Legacy Apps User Guide
Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Send Interim Result Activity

To use a UiPath Studio Activity, the following environment must be set up:

  • UiPath Studio v2022.4+ with UiPath Robot v2020.10+
  • Installed UiPath.WorkflowEvents.Activities package from the Manage Packages menu in UiPath Studio.
    Note: The Send Interim Result activity is used to render the intermediate state of the output arguments of a process. The controls you bind to the Interim Process Result (IPR) outputs are likely to be refreshed multiple times while executing the process. Because of this, we recommend not changing the data in the bound controls if an input control was used because the changed data will be lost once the next IPR result is received by UiPath Apps and when the process ends.

You can use this activity to display a specific output value while a workflow is still executing.

To use this actitivity, open UiPath Studio, drag and drop the Send Interim Result activity into the RPA workflow and fill in the Argument name and Argument value fields.

For an example, check the Progress bar page.

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