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Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Rule: Get File From Storage Bucket

Note: To better understand how the Get file from Storage bucket rule works, check out the Including File Control in Apps pages in the How To section.

The Get file from Storage bucket can be configured in the case of any control. For example, you can apply this rule when clicking a button.

This rule is used for downloading files from a selected storage bucket.

Storage Bucket

A list of available storage buckets is displayed and you can pick the one you need. For more information on adding a storage bucket to your app, see Referencing a Storage Bucket From Orchestrator

If there are no storage buckets added to your app, the list is empty and a notification is displayed in the drop-down list.

File Name

The name of the file that you want to download from the Storage bucket.

Assign File to App Variable

You can assign the downloaded file to an app variable.

When Completed

The When completed property provides the ability to define rules to be executed whenever the process completes.


A best practice is to show an error message if a process fails. To do this, add a Show Message rule. You can then specify the title, message, and type of the error message.

  • Storage Bucket
  • File Name
  • Assign File to App Variable
  • When Completed
  • Errors

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