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Legacy Apps User Guide
Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Rule: Open a Page

The Open a page rule will either open an Apps page as a pop-up or as the content of a page container.

What Page to Open

This is the page you wish to open.

Show as Pop-Over (Modal)

If this checkbox is checked, the page will display as a modal dialog.

Note: When a page is opened as a dialog, always provide the width of the page you want to open in pixels.

Show as Bottom Sheet

If this checkbox is checked, the page will open in a small container at the bottom of the screen.

Prevent Close on Click

If this checkbox is unchecked, clicking away from the dialog will close it.

Open in Page Host (Optional)

If the Show as Pop-Over setting is unchecked, this is the page container control that will host the specified page.

Example of a Page host control being updated to show the Details Page:

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