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Legacy Apps User Guide
Last updated Jan 18, 2024



  • Label- Display text of the checkbox.
  • Tooltip - Tooltip to be displayed on the checkbox. Use this to provide additional information on the control.
  • Value Binding - Bind the checkbox value either to an RPA Process argument or to an App field. This property gets resolved dynamically during runtime.
  • Checked (Default) - Default value of the checkbox in runtime.
  • Checkbox position - Change the position of checkbox (left/right) with respect to label.
  • Hidden- If selected, hides the control in the runtime.
  • Disabled - If selected, disables the control in the runtime.


  • Value changed - Configure what happens when the value is changed.


  • Control Alignment - By default, inherits the parent alignment. A different alignment other than the parent can be set. To default to Parent's alignment, toggle the selected alignment icons to switch off the specific alignment.

    Note: Alignment is dependent on Parent's layout (Vertical vs. Horizontal).
  • Color - Color of the checkbox when checked.
  • Font- Sets the font of the control. Font family, size, color, and style (Bold, Italic and Underline) can be configured in this section. By default, the control inherits the font family of its immediate parent container which is indicated by the keyword 'inherited'. You can also select between Left,Middle, and Right for text alignment.
  • Margin- Sets the margin of the control. By default 4px margin is set. Top/Bottom and Left/Right margin properties are combined. These properties can be unlinked using the unlink button on the right side of the Margin section heading.
  • Size - The width and height of the control can be set in the size section. By default, the size is set to Auto.

    Min Width/ Min Height and Max Width/ Max Height are available under more (...) in the size section.

  • Background color - Sets the background of the checkbox.
  • General
  • Events
  • Style

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