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Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Automation Launchpad


Automation Launchpad is a UiPath first-party App that provides an out-of-the-box framework that you can use to quickly start and scale your user-facing automation program. Automation Launchpad is built with UiPath’s best practices, and governance procedures in place, to drive frictionless Automation User and Citizen Developer adoption.



Enterprise Standard or higher is needed to access Automation Launchpad.

For more information on UiPath licensing, check the Licensing pages from the Overview guide.


The following requirements must be met to implement Automation Launchpad:

  • A working Automation CloudTM environment with the following products:

    • Automation Hub
    • Apps
    • Data Service
    • Orchestrator
  • 1 unattended license in the target tenant
  • UiPath Studio connected to the target tenant

The following requirements are recommended for a smooth Automation Launchpad implementation:

  • Use a dedicated attended tenant.
  • Provision Automation Launchpad users using Active Directory.

Set-up and Launch

Automation Launchpad and required artifacts, including the Implementation Guide, can be found under the Resource Center in Automation Cloud as a single downloadable file.

The downloaded file contains the following:

  • ALSchema.json: schema file that needs to be imported into Data Service.
  • Automation Launchpad.uiapp: app file that needs to be imported into UiPath Apps.
  • AutomationLaunchpadData.1.0.6.nupkg: package dependency that needs to be imported into Orchestrator.
  • exports user metrics stored in Data Service into an Excel file.
  • updates Data Service entities.
  • Implementation Guide_Automation Launchpad.pdf: document that outlines the information needed for Automation Launchpad setup.

Implementation Options

There are two options for implementation and support in the case of Automation Launchpad.

Option 1

Automation Launchpad implementation and customization is managed by you. This means that:

  • Implementation, customization, and support are not in scope for:

    • UiPath Product Support
    • Technical Account Managers associated with Premium Support
    • Customer Success Managers
  • Automation Launchpad support is solely available through the UiPath Professional Services Support on Demand offering. This offering provides for up to two hours of support for no fee.

Option 2

This option is strongly recommended, as it uses UiPath Professional Services, using the UiPath Support on Demand offering. This includes:

  • Up to 40 hours, and if applicable, existing service credits can be used.
  • Install Automation Launchpad app and establish connections to Data Service, Orchestrator, and Automation hub.
  • Configure and test the unattended automation.
  • Time-permitting and per customer preference, optionally deploy up to eight Ready-to-go automations selected by UiPath.
  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Licensing
  • Technical
  • Set-up and Launch
  • Implementation Options
  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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