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Legacy Apps User Guide
Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Input and Output Type Properties

You can use In/Out arguments in UiPath Apps. For more general information on Input and Output arguments, see the About Input and Output Arguments page.

An In/Out process type is treated as a single property, no separate input and output versions are created for the same property. For this, a third category of properties called Input/Output is used. This section contains all In/Out type properties.

When a control is bound to a property from this section, the same control works as input and output. This means that while a process is running, the control value goes as input to the process, and once the process is completed, the same control is refreshed with output.

Existing Apps

If you have existing apps, or apps imported from an environment which does not have this feature, the following applies:

  • Existing In/Out properties, which are present in both Input and Output sections will not be moved to the new section. No bindings are affected and existing apps should continue working as expected. A third Input/Output section is displayed in the process properties panel, which will be empty.
  • When refreshing or replacing a process, existing In/Out properties will not be moved to the new section.
  • New In/Out properties added to the process, which are not present in the app, are added to the new section after refreshing or replacing the process.
  • If you want to treat existing In/Out properties in the new way, you need to delete the In/Out property from both Input and Output sections and refresh the process. The property is now displayed in the third section.

Importing Apps

This section describes the behavior when importing an app from the cloud environment to an on-premises environment, which does not support the In/Out property.

Note: In this case, since the Orchestrator added in the app is in a different environment, Orchestrator will display a validation error. To use the app, make sure to replace the process with one from an existing Orchestrator.

When importing an app from the cloud environment to an on-premises environment, which does not support the In/Out property, the following applies:

  • The entire Input/Output section disappears.
  • Bindings referring to properties from the Input/Output section are displayed as invalid.
  • After replacing the process, the In/Out properties are added to both sections. You can now update the invalid bindings to point to the new properties.
  • Existing Apps
  • Importing Apps

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