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Gmail APIs

Gmail mail service.

Namespace: UiPath.Gsuite.Activities.API

Assembly: UiPath.Gsuite.Activities.API (in UiPath.Gsuite.Activities.API.dll)


GmailServiceInitializes a new instance of the GoogleSheetsService class
public class GmailService : IGmailServicepublic class GmailService : IGmailService


ApplyLabelsAdds the given labels to the specified mail.
ArchiveEmailArchives the given mail.
DeleteEmailDeletes the given mail.
DownloadEmailDownloads the given mail.
DownloadEmailAttachmentDownloads the given attachment info.
DownloadEmailAttachmentsDownloads the attachments associated with the email.
ForwardEmailForwards the specified mail with the given configuration.
GetEmailRetrieves an email associated with the given emailId.
GetEmailAttachmentsInfoRetrieves the attachment info for the given mail.
GetEmailsRetrieves a list of emails from the label folder that match the criteria defined in the filter.
GetMailLabelsRetrieves all labels from the current account.
GetNewestEmailRetrieves the most recent email from the label folder that matches the criteria defined in the filter that belongs to the label folder.
MarkEmailasReadMarks the email as read.
MarkEmailAsUnreadMarks email as unread.
MoveEmailMoves the mail from a source folder label to the destination folder label.The source folder label is removed from the mail and the destination folder label is added to the mail.
RemoveLabelsRemoves the given labels from the specified mail.
ReplyToEmailReplies to the specified mail with the given configuration.
SendEmailSends an email with the specified configuration.
TurnOffAutomaticRepliesTurns the account automatic email replies off.
TurnOnAutomaticRepliesTurns the account automatic email replies on given the configuration.
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