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Last updated May 14, 2024

Add Sheet



Adds a new sheet to the specified spreadsheet.


This activity requires the following scopes:


Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Google Sheets connection - The connection for the Google Workspace account to use in the activity.
  • Spreadsheet - The spreadsheet where to add the new sheet. Click the Folderdocs image icon to browse Google Drive folders and select a spreadsheet. This option accepts input as IResource. Use the See more button menu to switch to Use variable or Url or ID input modes.
    • If you select Use variable, you can use the output variable from other activities, such as Create Spreadsheet.
    • Spreadsheet URL - The URL or ID of the spreadsheet of interest. This field is available when Url or ID is selected as the input mode. This property supports String variables and string formatted values. For details, see How to Retrieve Spreadsheet IDs.
    • Select the Reload File Picker option if you've modified your folders and need to retrieve the latest data.

  • Sheet name - The name of the new sheet. If left empty, Google Sheets determines the name of the new sheet. This property supports String variables and string formatted values.
Additional options


  • Position index - Specifies the exact location of the new sheet within the existing spreadsheet. If left empty, the new sheet is added at the end. The first sheet in the spreadsheet is located at index 0. This property supports Int32 variables and Int32 formatted values.


  • Sheet name - Saves the name of the newly added sheet. Automatically generated output variable. You can use it as it is or save it with a different name. You can use this in other activities, such as Rename Sheet.


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