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实践证明,在开发需要多个用户之间顺畅协作的大型项目时,来源控件系统非常便利。Studio 提供相应工具,能够通过“后台”视图中的“团队”选项卡将自动化项目连接到版本控制系统。

When installing Studio, you can choose to enable only GIT, SVN or TFS functionality.

After installation, the options are available and editable in Backstage > Team:

The Add to Source Control button in the status bar offers shortcuts to GIT Init, Copy to GIT, Add to TFS, and Add to SVN.



The GIT Version Control offers an overview and instructions on how to work with GIT-versioned projects in Studio.

The steps for checking in your projects to a TFS or SVN repository are detailed in the dedicated pages Managing Projects with TFS and Managing Projects with SVN.

Part of working with versioned files is the possibility to compare changes between the local version of the file and the one checked in the repository. You can do so using Workflow Diff.

If you want to compare two similar files in the same automation project, use Compare Files, which is also available for unversioned files.



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