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Last updated 2024年6月7日

About UI Elements

UI elements refer to all graphical user interface pieces that construct an application, be they windows, check boxes, text fields or drop-down lists, and so on. Knowing how to interact with them enables you to implement UI automation much faster and easier.

It is possible to create automations with UI elements from most applications, including Universal Windows Platform apps.

All interactions with the UI can be split into input and output. This categorization helps you better understand which actions to use in different scenarios, when to use them, and the technology behind them. These are also going to be useful when dealing with scraping.

For more info on scraping, see Output or Screen Scraping Methods.

Input Actions

Output Actions

  • Clicks
  • Text typing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Right-clicks
  • Mouse hover
  • Clipboard actions
  • Etc.
  • Getting text
  • Finding elements and images
  • Clipboard actions
  • Etc.

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