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Studio 中的项目依赖项是指链接到特定项目的包,其中包含了默认活动或自定义活动。依赖项与上下文有关,并且需要考虑每个项目的定义,包括变量、输入/输出参数以及项目使用的活动。因此,仅当项目定义中至少有一个引用时,才会设置依赖项。

The versions and runtime rules of activities packages installed in an automation project are detailed in the project.json file. The versions and runtime rules can be updated from the Manage Packages window, as detailed in the Managing Dependencies page.

The Project Dependencies Mass Update tool offers both a UI and CLI solution for performing bulk changes to a multiple automation projects and consequently, publishing them to either Orchestrator, a custom feed or locally.

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