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Test Explorer is a panel that shows information relevant to test automation. You can use Test Explorer and its sub-panels to group tests together, perform debugging, or analyze activity coverage.

A typical Test Explorer panel shows all test cases and workflows within your test automation project. For example, if you have a data-driven test case, it shows up collapsed by default, with the number of variations placed under parentheses (e.g., TestCaseValues (6)).



  • Studio version 2021.10.1+
  • Testing activities v1.4.3+


  • Test Explorer results information is session-based. This means that if you close Studio the information shown in Test Explorer will be cleared.
  • The test cases are listed in Test Explorer based on an execution order.

Working with Test Explorer

To show only relevant information, you can use the Test Explorer toolbar to filter test results based on result state. Additionally, you can use multiple options to run the test cases again.


For example, you can use the contextual menu to add, update, and remove test data on your test cases.


The following table lists the actions that you can take in the Test Explorer panel.

Run All in View You can select multiple test cases before taking an action.

Run All In View: Run tests that are currently in view through all filters.
Run All: Run all test cases and workflows.
Run Selected: Run only selected test cases and workflows. Additionally, you can use the contextual menu by right-clicking a file and selecting Run.
Run Failed Test Cases: Run only failed test cases.
Debug Selected: Debug only selected test cases and workflows. Additionally, you can use the contextual menu by right-clicking a file and selecting Debug.
Debug Failed Test Cases: Debug only failed test cases.
Repeat Last Test Run: Run the latest test.
Passed Test CasesShow only test cases that have passed.
Failed Test CasesShow only test cases that have failed.
Not Executed Test CasesShow only test cases that have not been executed.
Expand/CollapseExpand or collapse all test cases.
Clear execution resultsClear all execution results shown in the Test Explorer Panel.
RefreshRefresh the information shown in the Test Results panel. You can also use this action to populate Test Explorer with newly added test cases.
Filter by File TypeChoose what to show in the Test Explorer panel.
Filter by Editing StatusChoose whether you want to show in progress test cases or workflows that have been ignored from execution.
Filter by Display OptionsChoose whether to show activity coverage or execution time.
Filter by Covered/Uncovered ActivitiesChoose whether to show in the Designer panel the activities that have been covered during the execution.
Search TestsUse the search function to look for test case names.


Additional actions

To view test summary (e.g. view passes/failed test cases), see Test Results.
To check which activities have been covered during execution, see Activity Coverage.

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Test Explorer

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