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Activating your Studio License


The Windows 10 16.07 Anniversary Update changes the device ID of the machine it is installed on. This leads to Studio and Robot licenses becoming corrupted. Similarly, other buggy major future updates or refreshing your Windows installation might cause the same issue. To fix this, your license needs to be reactivated. For more info, feel free to contact us.

Online Activation

After installing and running Studio for the first time, the user is prompted with a license activation wizard.

  1. Click the Activate Stand-Alone License button. The UiPath Registration window is displayed.
  2. Fill in the Email Address field with your email address.
  3. Fill in the License Key field with the license key you received.
  4. Select the Automatic activation option.
  5. Click the Activate button. Your UiPath license is now activated and you can start creating automation workflows.


An Activation Error might be displayed during the licensing process if an antivirus is installed on the machine. To avoid the error message, Studio has to be whitelisted in both the antivirus and the Firewall.

Activating with License from Orchestrator

Set up and connect your Robot to Orchestrator, and activate Studio with the license from Orchestrator.

  1. Click the Acquire License from Orchestrator button. The Registration via Orchestrator window opens if the Robot is not connected to Orchestrator.
  1. Open UiPath Robot tray and go to the Settings dialog.
  2. In the UiPath Robot Settings tray, enter the Orchestrator URL and the Machine Key.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. In the Registration via Orchestrator window click Retry. The Warning message opens, mentioning the type of Robot you are using, together with restrictions regarding your license, if applicable.
  5. Click I Agree to license your Studio edition via Orchestrator, or I Decline to close Studio.

After Studio is licensed via Orchestrator, the Help tab mentions License Provider: Orchestrator. For all other cases, the same text states External.

Activating Your License While Installing

The UiPath suite can be activated while running the UiPath Platform installer, using the Command Prompt. To perform this action you must run it with the CODE argument, followed by the license code. For example:
C:\UiPathStudio.msi CODE=1234567890

Also, for an unattended installation, there are some silent parameters that you can use:

  • /quiet - Quiet mode, no user interaction
  • /passive- Unattended mode - progress bar only
  • /q[n|b|r] - Sets user interface level
    • n - No UI
    • b - Basic UI
    • r - Reduced UI

For example:
C:\UiPathStudio.msi CODE=1234567890 /passive - installs all the default features and activates your license, showing a progress bar.

Activating Your License Using the Command Line

After performing a normal installation, you can automatically license your product from the Command Prompt. You can use the following command <Installation Folder>\UiPath\regutil.exe activate /email=documentation@uipath.com /code=1234567890, where /email is your valid email address, and /code is the license code you wish to utilize. More information on command line parameters is available here.

Activating Your License Using a Proxy

Activating your Studio license through a proxy is done the same way as for the Robot. See here the detailed procedure.

Offline Activation


Please note that the offline (manual) activation is not available for the Community Edition.

When UiPath Studio is installed on a machine that is not connected to the internet or when your network security software/firewall prevents access to our license validation server, you can manually activate it by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Activate Stand-Alone License button. The UiPath Registration window is displayed.
  2. Fill in the Email Address field with your email address.
  3. Fill in the License Key field with the license key you received.
  4. Select the Manual activation option and click the Activate button. The wizard is updated accordingly and displays the next steps required to go through with the offline activation.
  1. Press the Next button. The first step of manual activation is displayed and an Activation Request code is generated.
  1. Copy the Activation Request code to an email message or text file, and press the Next button.


Keep the Activation wizard open until the process is complete.

  1. Sent the activation request code to a computer with Internet access.
  2. On the computer with Internet access navigate to http://support.uipath.com/activation.
  3. Paste the Activation Request code in the Activation Code field and click the Activate button. The license code is generated.
  1. Save the generated license code to an email message or text file and sent it to the computer with no Internet access or firewall restrictions.
  2. On the machine you want to activate your license on, press the Next button in the second step of the Manual Activation wizard. The third and last step of the Manual Activation wizard is displayed.
  1. In the Activation field paste the license code obtained during step 10.
  2. Press the Activate button. Your UiPath Studio License is now activated and an informative message is displayed in your web browser.

Activating your Studio License

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