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Test Automation


Test Automation in Orchestrator allows you to distribute and manage your tests. In this section, you can learn how to get started with test automation, execute, schedule and manage tests.


  1. Create an Automation User or a user with a custom role, to perform test automation. For more information, see Automation User
  2. Create a test case in Studio.
  3. Publish the test case to Orchestrator.

Getting started

To start executing your application and RPA tests, follow these steps:

1Create and publish test caseCreate a test case in Studio and then publish it to Orchestrator. For more information, see Test Automation Prerequisites
2Create test setAdd individual or group test cases to a test set.
3Execute testYou can choose from the following options:
Execute test case manually
Set test schedule.

Navigation and Search

To quickly find your test items, use the search function and the filters. Navigate within the page using and configuring the paginator. You can filter the test items by the project and choose which column details you want to have on the page.

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Test Automation

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