UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Publishing a Project from Studio to Orchestrator


Files that are not created during the execution of an automation project become read-only when you publish the indicated package to Orchestrator. As a result, if you start the process from Orchestrator, you can only read the file, and not write to it. If your business process requires you to write in a specific file at some point, be sure to create it during the execution of the package.

  1. In Studio, create a new project.
  2. In the Design ribbon tab, click Publish. If the project is published successfully, the Info dialog box is displayed and copies the project to the NuGet location set in the NuGetServerUrl parameter, in the UiPath.settings file.


Each time you click Publish, a new version of the project is sent to Orchestrator.

The Info dialog box displays:

  • The name under which the package was published to Orchestrator, in the Packages page;
  • The version number under which the package was published to Orchestrator.

When you create a new project in Studio, a folder is created with your custom name to the selected location. Projects are saved in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\UiPath directory by default.

This folder includes:

  • a Main.xaml file which is automatically created, and should hold your main workflow.
  • all other automation .xaml files included in the project. Please note that these files have to be linked to the Main.xaml through the Invoke Workflow File activity, because only the Main.xaml file is executed by default when you run a job.
  • a .screenshots folder, if you are dealing with UI automation.
  • a project.json file that contains information about your project.

To change which automation file is executed when you start a job in Orchestrator, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the automation project directory. This is %USERPROFILE%\Documents\UiPath by default.
  2. Open the project.json file for your automation project in an editor, such as Notepad++.
  3. Change the value of the main parameter to the automation project you want to be executed when starting a job in Orchestrator, as in the following screenshot.
  1. Save the file.
  2. Open the project in Studio, and Publish it to Orchestrator.

Publishing a Project from Studio to Orchestrator

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