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Managing Tasks

For an overview on how to manage tasks in Studio, click here. For the corresponding activities, click here.

Assigning a Task to Yourself and Opening It

You can only validate a task that is assigned to you. Tasks assigned to a user are read-only for the other users.

  1. For an unassigned task, click More Actions > Assign to Self and Open. The task is assigned to you, and the form is automatically opened.
  2. Do the required changes in the form and validate the task using the defined action button. The task status changes to Completed, and the execution of the process is resumed when a Robot is available. If you don't validate the task, you are set as the assignee, and its status changes to Pending.

On the Tasks page, the process looks like this:

On the Jobs page, the execution looks like this:

Assigning a Task to a User

The procedure for reassigning and unassigning a task is similar.

  1. For an unassigned task, click More Actions > Assign. The Assign Task window is displayed.
  2. From the Assign to User drop-down, select the user you want to assign the task to. Only local users with View and Edit permissions on Tasks, and access to the current task-containing folder are listed in this drop-down.
  3. Click Assign.

Opening a Task

  • Pending or unassigned tasks: Click More Actions > Open. The task form is opened. If the task is opened by the user to whom it has been assigned, it can be validated. If it is opened by a different user, it is read-only.

  • Completed tasks: Click the Open button. The read-only task form is opened. Once completed, validation cannot be reverted.

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Managing Tasks

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