UiPath Orchestrator

The UiPath Orchestrator Guide


UiPath Orchestrator is a web application that enables you to orchestrate your UiPath Robots in executing repetitive business processes.

Orchestrator lets you manage the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment.
It acts as an integration point with third-party solutions and applications.
Its power comes from its capability of managing your entire Robot fleet.

Orchestrator Main Capabilities

  • Provisioning - creates and maintains the connection between Robots and the web application
  • Deployment - assures the correct delivery of package versions to the assigned Robots for execution
  • Configuration - maintains and delivers Robot environments and processes configuration
  • Queues - ensures automatic workload distribution across Robots
  • Monitoring - keeps track of Robot identification data and maintains user permissions
  • Logging - stores and indexes the logs to an SQL database and/or Elasticsearch (depending on your architecture and configuration)
  • Inter-connectivity - acts as the centralized point of communication for 3rd party solutions or applications

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