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Field Descriptions for the Transactions .csv File



All page filtering options applied to the Transaction page are also applied to the generated .csv file.




The status of the transaction at the moment when the .csv file has been generated. For more information, see Queue Item Statuses.


The review status of the queue items. For more information, see Queue Item Statuses.


The custom identifier you added to a transaction or a group of transactions. The reference can be unique, depending on what you chose in the Unique Reference field when you created the queue.


Displays the type of exception (ApplicationException or Business Exception) thrown, if the transaction failed.


The exact date and time before which this item has to be processed.


The execution priority assigned to the transaction.


The name of the Robot that processed a given transaction.


The exact date and time after which this item can be processed.


The exact time at which the Robot started processing the given transaction.


The exact time at which the Robot finished processing the given transaction.

Transaction Execution Time

The processing time for a transaction. It is calculated as the End Processing time minus the Start Processing time.

Retry No.

The number of times a given transaction has been retried.

Specific Data

The information you added to the transaction.


A unique identifier of the transaction. This key can be used to search for a specific transaction in ElasticSearch.

Reviewer Name

The name of the user that was assigned as a reviewer. This field is blank if the item does not have a reviewer.

Exception Reason

Displays the reason of a transaction error.


Displays the arguments defined for the Output field when creating your project.

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Field Descriptions for the Transactions .csv File

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