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Configuring system email notifications

Notifications can be related to user accounts (password recovery), or be related to email alerts from Orchestrator.

To configure email preferences, log in to the host Management portal as a system administrator and navigate to the Global Settings page.

Email setup

SMTP HostThe Domain of the SMTP server.
SMTP DomainDomain for the username, if SMTP server requires authentication.
SMTP PortThe SMTP port.
For example, if you are using a Gmail account to send email messages and Enable secure connection is enabled, the port should be 587. Note that both ports 80 and 587 must be opened during installation for Enable secure connection to work.
SMTP UsernameThe username of the SMTP server, if it requires authentication. For example, if you are using Gmail, fill in this field with the email address to be used to send messages.
SMTP PasswordThe email account password.
Default From AddressThe email address from which to send system email messages.
Default From Display NameA custom display name for the email address from which you send system notifications.



For offline installations, if system emails are not sent and you encounter the error SslHandshakeException, make sure that both port 80 and port 587 are opened for the installation.


Email preference

Enable secure connectionIf switched on, the connection is secured and a TLS certificate is required for the used SMTP domain.

If switched off, the connection is not secured.


Example: Configuring the SMTP server for a Google account

Configuring the SMTP Server for a Google account is not very different from any regular configuration. In the host Management portal, configure the settings as follows:

  • SMTP Host: (Google SMTP server).
  • SMTP Port: 587 (default Google SMTP port).
  • SMTP Username: The email address to send mail messages from. For example,
  • SMTP Password: The password for the email address you want to use. It has to be the password of the account that was specified in the SMTP Username field.
  • Default From Address: The email address from which to send the email messages. It has to be the same one as the one used in the SMTP Username field, in our example,
  • Default From Display Name: A custom name you want recipients to see for the sender of the email notification. For example, Orchestrator System Notifications.

If you provide a Google account for the SMTP Username, you also need to do the following:

  1. Open a web browser and log in to Google with the credentials used in the SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields.
  2. Allow Orchestrator to access the account by clicking this link.
  3. If the account does not have 2-step verification, then you must allow less secure apps by following this link and turning the Allow less secure apps option to ON.
    This ensures that the password reset request is properly processed and delivered from the email address configured in the Mail tab to the one configured in the Users page of the user making the request.

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Configuring system email notifications

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