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About the Folders Context

Select any available folder from the sidebar menu to view and manage that folder's entities from the folder context.
The selected folder's name is displayed in the breadcrumbs, and clicking it takes you back to the Home tab.

Top Navigation Menu

The following items are available in the top navigation menu:

HomeOffers an overview of entities and activity on a per-folder basis.
AutomationsContains the following tabs:
MonitoringContains the following tabs:
QueuesContains the following tabs:
Review Requests
AssetsView and manage Assets for the current folder.
Storage BucketsView and manage Storage Buckets for the current folder.
TestingContains the following tabs:
Test Sets
Test Cases
Test Executions
Test Schedules
* Test Data Queues
SettingsContains the following tabs:
Manage Access - Display the accounts currently assigned to this folder, and assign others.
Machines - Display the machine templates currently assigned to this folder, and assign others.

Folder Contextual Menu

Each folder in the folder tree has its own available options, that can be accessed by clicking the three-dot icon on the desired folder. These differ as follows:

  • For parent folders that you are assigned to, these options are grouped under the Actions and Folder management categories:
  • For restricted folders, which are parent folders that you are not assigned to, but that contain at least one subfolder that you are assigned to, only Folder management options are displayed:
AddSelect whether to create a new Process, Trigger, Queue, Asset, Bucket, or TestSet.
Link resourcesSelect an Asset, a Queue, or a Bucket to link to this folder.
Start JobOpen the Start Job page in the Automations menu.
Create subfolderCreate a subfolder under the current folder.
EditEdit the current folder.
MoveMove the current folder.
SettingsChoose to Assign users or to Assign machines to this folder.
DeleteDelete the current folder and its contents.

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About the Folders Context

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