UiPath Installation and Upgrade

UiPath 安装和升级指南

安装 Studio

有三个安装程序可帮助您在计算机上安装 Studio:

  • 用于安装 Studio 的 UiPathStudio.msi、UiPath 助理或旧版机器人;
  • UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe 用于安装 Studio、机器人和 Orchestrator;
  • UiPathStudioSetup.exe 用于在用户模式下安装 Studio 和机器人。



不支持在同一台计算机上同时存在 Studio 的用户模式安装程序 (.exe) 和 Windows 安装程序 (.msi) 版本。

The installation artifacts are provided when you first purchase Studio or they can be provided by your customer success manager or our support team. To request a trial, access this page.

有关使用命令行参数安装 Studio 的说明,请访问此页面

UiPathStudio.msi 安装

UiPathStudio.msi 安装程序用于在计算机上安装 Studio、UiPath Assistant 或旧版机器人。它需要管理员权限,但计算机上的所有用户都可使用已安装的产品。

Studio is installed at the following location - C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio. You can change the install location by making use of the command line arguments.

启动安装程序后,请阅读并接受使用条款。请注意,接受上述使用条款,即表示您默示接受 UiPath 活动包及其依赖项的使用条款。

The following Advanced options are available:

  • “UiPath Studio”- 安装 Studio。系统默认启用此选项。
  • StudioX Excel Add-in - Installs the Excel Add-in for StudioX. This option is disabled by default.
  • “UiPath 机器人”- 在本地硬盘上安装机器人,并选中以下选项:
  • Register as Windows Service - Specifies how to install the Robot. If enabled, it is installed as a Windows service - the default option. If disabled, the Robot is installed in user mode.
    :information-source: Note:
    To connect your Robot to Orchestrator via Interactive Sign-in, install the Robot in user mode, the recommended option for attended and development robots. When the Robot is installed in service mode, you can connect to Orchestrator using the machine key.
  • Install local activities feed - The local activities feed is created by default in the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages folder. This option is enabled by default. Having the activities packages locally is useful if you do not intend to connect your Robot to Orchestrator, or you want to have better control of the activities used in an automation project. Check out the list of default activities packages here.
    • “自动启动客户端”- 在 Windows 启动时启动机器人托盘。系统默认禁用此选项。
    • 使用旧版机器人托盘 - 安装并使用旧版机器人托盘,而不是 UiPath Assistant。默认情况下,此选项处于禁用状态。
    • UiPath extension for Java - Installs the UiPath extension for Java for a better integration and automation in regards to Java applications. This option is disabled by default. Please note that installing the Java Bridge may cause the installation to last longer than usual. This option installs the Java Bridge only in the system drive Java folders. If you are using custom JRE not located on the system drive, you have to manually install it. Read more about Java support here.
    • UiPath extension for Chrome - Installs the UiPath extension for Chrome needed for automating processes in Chrome. This option is disabled by default.
    • 适用于基于 Chromium 的 Microsoft Edge 的 UiPath 扩展程序 - 安装适用于基于 Chromium 的 Microsoft Edge v79 或更高版本的 UiPath 扩展程序。默认情况下,此选项处于禁用状态。在此处阅读有关此内容的更多信息。
    • 适用于机器人的 JavaScript 插件 - 为机器人安装 JavaScript 插件。默认启用此选项。在此处阅读有关此内容的更多信息。
    • UiPath extension for Citrix - Installs the UiPath extension for Citrix for automating Citrix Apps natively. This option is disabled by default.

To change the default installer settings, click the button buttonbutton next to each feature and select one of the following options:

  • “在本地硬盘上安装”- 帮助您在本地硬盘上安装相应功能。
  • “在本地硬盘上安装全部功能”- 在本地硬盘上安装相应功能及其所有子功能。
  • “不安装全部功能”- 不安装相应功能。

UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe 安装



若在另一个 UiPathPlatfromInstaller.exe 安装程序运行期间启动同类安装程序,则会破坏安装进程。

Read and accept the Terms of use. Please note that by accepting the aforementioned terms of use, you implicitly accept the terms of use of UiPath activity packages and their dependencies.

继续安装 UiPath Studio:

  1. 从“UiPath 平台安装程序”的“产品”选项卡中,单击 UiPath Studio 和机器人的“安装”按钮。系统随即会显示“UiPath Studio 和机器人安装程序”界面。
  1. 在“常规”选项卡中,完成以下设置及选项:
    • “安装路径”- 用于选择自定义安装目录。系统已预先填写默认目录 (C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio)。
    • “产品”- 使用单选按钮选择是否仅安装 UiPath 机器人。系统默认选中“安装 UiPath Studio 和机器人”选项。
    • License Code - Optional. Enter your stand-alone trial or enterprise license key, if available. If left blank, you are prompted to activate Studio when it is first launched.
  • Orchestrator Connection String - Provide the connection string to automatically connect your robot(s) to Orchestrator. More details here.
    • Installation Type - Use the radio buttons to select the Robot installation type. See here for details.
    • “自动启动托盘中的机器人”- 若选中此项,机器人将在安装完成后自动启动。
    • StudioX Excel Addin - Select to also install the integration add-in for StudioX and Microsoft Excel. Learm more about StudioX here.
  1. 单击“高级”选项卡,使用下列设置进一步自定义您的安装:
    • Tools - Use the checkboxes to also enable the installation of the Java, Chrome, or Citrix extensions. Read more about extensions for Studio here.
    • “自定义包路径”- 用于为 UiPath Studio 和机器人的工作流和依赖项提供自定义下载位置。系统会将其默认保存至 %ProgramFiles(x86)%\UiPath\Studio\Packages
    • Packages Configuration - Select whether to Install Local Activities (enabled by default) and whether you want to Disable Online Feeds of activities. Learn more About the Activities Feeds.
    • Custom NuGet Feeds - Use the Feed Name and Feed URL fields to add any custom Nuget feeds to the installation.
  1. 从“其他设置”选项中,选择是否要执行以下操作:
    • Enable Signed Execution - If selected, only signed packages can be installed and executed. Read more about signing and verifying packages.
    • “禁用 XAML 文件保护”- 如果选中此项,则不对流程的 .xaml 文件进行保护,这意味着用户可以读取和修改流程文件和逻辑。
    • Disable Telemetry - If selected, UiPath will not collect any usage or performance data. Read more about Opting Out of Telemetry.
  2. 单击“安装”。安装已完成,您可以开始使用 UiPath Studio 和机器人了。

UiPathStudioSetup.exe 安装

The UiPathStudioSetup.exe file enables you to install a user-mode Studio and a Robot. The installation path - %localappdata%\UiPath and all other advanced options are already configured to help you get Studio up and running right away.




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安装 Studio

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