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Task Mining
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Task Mining enables you to gain an deep understanding of existing processes happening on your team's desktops, and discover new automation opportunities and process improvement areas. Task Mining collects employee desktop data, logs it upon each user action, and leverages AI for analysis. You can then accelerate your discovery journey, and use the actionable insights provided by the product to identify the best automation ideas.

Task Mining benefits everyone from Automation Leaders to Business Analysts, Automation Developers and Employees by helping out with the following strong points:

  • Save cost and time vs. traditional consulting led approach.
  • Engage business teams with an objective view of opportunities.
  • Accelerate discovery and analysis parts of your duties and reduces time on process documentation.
  • Get an accelerated starting point with an automation skeleton.
  • Privacy & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consent compliant.

There are two approaches for Task Mining:

1. Assisted Task Mining empowers you to capture variations of a known tasks and then reviews and optimizes the processes in a collaborative manner.

  • With the help of ATM you can:
    • collect variations of a specific tasks by capturing each actions you perform (mouse clicks, keystrokes, and hotkeys).
    • merge variations into a comprehensive picture of your task for end-to-end understanding and further analysis.
    • edit the task graph and annotate actions.
    • accelerate actionability by generating essential assets for automation implementation–PDD and XAML file.

2. Unassisted Task Mining allows you to mine unknown tasks and discover repetitive tasks that are suited for automation.

  • With the help of UTM you can:
    • collect employee desktop interactions within pre-selected applications by recording each step in the background (screenshots, mouse clicks and keystrokes).
    • visualize the process map, including all its variable paths.
    • generate a list of repetitive tasks and their variations.

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