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August 2022

22 August 2022

Restrict access by IP (Private preview)

This feature is only available to Enterprise customers who have signed up for the private preview.


If you want to secure access to your organization and only allow users that are within your corporate network to access it, you can specify the IP addresses you want to allow and we block all other traffic.


The new option is available under Admin > Security Settings, on the new IP Restriction tab.

Restricting access by IP


10 August 2022

New Admin experience

Organization administrators, we have big news for you: The Administration pages have been redone in a new style!

Left rail is out, App launcher is in

While on the Administration pages, there is no more left rail - the bar at the left of the window from where you could move between services. This change will make sense as you keep reading.


Old Admin experience

Now, to switch to a different service, you do so by clicking the existing App launcher icon in the top left corner.

Organizations and tenants

Functionally, the main things we have changed are to clarify the context shift between organization-level settings and tenant-level settings.
In the new Admin experience, the left hand side, which we typically use for navigation options, now shows your context options, which are as follows:

  • The organization name at the top of the panel, which lets you access organization-level settings.
  • Your existing tenants, which let you access options for each tenant, are listed below the organization.

With this change, you select an item on the left - organization or tenant - to see the settings for it in the main page area.


New Admin experience

Where are my settings?

Not to worry. We have left all other functionality as you know it. It might live in a different place, but we assure you, it's all still there and your settings are unchanged.

When you log in, we have a quick tour ready to show you around.

But all you need to remember is this:
When on the Admin pages, the first thing to do is to select the entity for which you want to update settings. Then you can easily find all the settings you expect.

Licensing new tenants

As part of this overhaul, we also included a helpful tweak.
Before, when you created a new tenant, all your available licenses were automatically allocated to that tenant. If you didn't want that, you had to follow-up tenant creation with adjusting the tenant's licenses.
Now, as part of tenant creation (which is now a wizard-style guided process, by the way), on the final step, we let you see and adjust the number of licenses to allocate to the tenant as part of setup.

Change is hard

That's why we have included an option that lets you switch back to the old Admin experience.


We understand you might have gotten attached to the old interface and might need to switch back because don't have time to figure out the new interface.
But you should know that this option is only available for a limited time. In the future, we plan to remove the old experience completely.


2 August 2022

Insights available for trial

UiPath Insights is now available for trial.
If you do not already have this service, you can now start a free 60-day trial for your organization to get to know the power of RPA analytics.
Requesting a service trial

About Insights | Insights documentation


1 August 2022

Log export security

As a way to improve the security of your data, from today on, it is no longer possible to export robot logs from multiple organizations to the same AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket; the same bucket name can only be used for tenants in a single organization.


When can I see these changes?

The date when a change is first announced in the release notes is the date when it first becomes available.
If you don't see the change yet, you can expect to see it soon, after we roll out changes to all the regions.

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August 2022

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