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Uses the Microsoft Graph Download file API to download a specified file from your OneDrive or SharePoint site (DriveItem) to a local location.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • File - The DriveItem of the file to download. This object can be retrieved using the Find Files And Folders activity. Use the output property variable from the Find Files and Folders (First or Results). If you're using the Results output property from the Find Files and Folders activity, specify the item in the array that you want to use (e.g., myFiles(0)).
  • Local FilePath - The local path to which the file is downloaded. If left blank, the project directory is used. If a directory path is entered, the file is saved under that directory. By default, the file is saved using the file name from OneDrive or SharePoint. If a file with the same name exists in the local path that you enter in this property, the existing file is overwritten. To rename the file (and avoid unwanted overwrites), append the new file name to the end of your local path (e.g., "C:\UiPath_Projects\DownloadExample.docx").


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.

How it works

The following steps and message sequence diagram is an example of how the activity works from design time (i.e., the activity dependencies and input/output properties) to run time.

  1. Complete the Setup steps.
  2. Add the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity to your project.
  3. Add an activity or run an external process that outputs a DriveItem object (e.g., Find Files and Folders).
  4. Add the Download File activity inside the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity.
  5. Enter values for the Input properties.
  6. Run the activity.

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Download File

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