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Format Cells


Sets the format for all the cells in a specified range. Available formats are General, Number, Date, Time, Percentage, Currency, Text, and Custom. When using the Custom format, you can write Excel-like formats such as "#,##0.00". The activity can be used with an Excel file selected for a parent Use Excel File activity or with the Project Notebook.

To learn how to use this activity, see Tutorial: Extracting Table Data from a Web Page and Editing it in Excel.

Configuring the Activity

In the Body of the Activity

  • Source range - Click Plus plus buttonplus button on the right side of the field, then, from the menu, select the file and then a sheet, table, or range to format, or select Indicate in Excel to indicate a range directly from the file. Alternatively, you can select Custom Input to enter a sheet name, table name, or range manually, or Open in Advanced Editor to enter a VB expression.
  • Format data as type - Click Set Format to open the Format data as type window, and then select the format from the Category drop-down menu: General, Number, Date, Time, Percentage, Currency, Text, or Custom. Depending on your selection, other options may appear for additional configuration.

In the Properties Panel


  • DisplayName - The name displayed for the activity in the Designer panel.



  • Private - If selected, the data used in the activity is not logged by StudioX.

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Format Cells

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