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Last updated 2024年5月13日

Fuzzy Search

How fuzzy search works

To use the fuzzy search capabilities, a couple of matching options need to be included in the top-level tag of the target selector, as follows:



Allows you to specify the target search tag, determined by the <tag_name> value.


Determines the matching threshold for the target <tag_name>. It supports a numerical value from 0 to 1, as follows:
  • Closer to 0 - returns results with lower similarity to the <tag_name>
  • Closer to 1 - returns results with higher similarity to the <tag_name>
Note: If more elements are found, the target action is executed on the first one.

Supported selector types

Currently, the fuzzy search is supported by the following selector types:
Selector typeSupport
<silverlight>not available
Tags which identify a process name. Example: <html app="firefox.exe">. not available
Adding check:text="example" in a fuzzy selector checks if the target element contains the specified text.
For example, adding check:text="Options" to a fuzzy selector checks if the target element contains the Options text.

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