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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

About the ScreenScrapeJavaSupport Tool

A machine can have different Java versions installed (such as 32-bit and 64-bit), and in different locations, so you need the Java extension to be able to help you build automations regardless of the version. This is where the ScreenScrapeJavaSupport tool comes in handy. It is meant to help you install and uninstall the Java extension, but also to give you info about the installed Java versions and what processes have the extension loaded. Moreover, you can especially benefit from this tool if you have Java installed in custom locations.

The ScreenScrapeJavaSupport tool is installed with Studio, and can be found in the C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\JavaSupport folder.
Note: The ScrenScrapeJavaSupport tool requires administrator privileges.


The Java extension can be installed in the default location of 32-bit an 64-bit versions of Java, on all drives, or in a custom location.

  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /install /jrepath "<path>" - Installs the Java extension for the specified path. The path is the folder path containing the java.dll file. If the Java extension is already installed then it reinstalls it.
  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /install /default - Searches for the default Java installation folder, Program Files or Program Files (x86), and installs the Java extension there. This is because both Java x86 and x64 can be installed on the same machine.
  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /install /allDrives - Recursively searches all fixed drives for Java versions, and installs the Java extension for each one.
  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /install - Reinstalls the Java extension for all the Java versions that are currently installed. The ScreenScrapeJavaSupport tool keeps a record of each version it installs.


Upon removal, the Java extension path is remembered, unless removed from the log with the /forget argument.
  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /uninstall /jrepath "<path>" - Uninstalls the Java extension from the specified path.
  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /uninstall - Uninstalls the Java extension from the system.
  • ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe /uninstall /allDrives - Uninstalls the Java extension from all fixed drives.
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