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Test Case Templates


Use test case templates as base models for your test cases. For example, you can create a template with data variations to be reused on different tests. You can create test case templates for Test Automation projects, including other file types such as Global Exception Handler. For other projects (e.g., Process), you can create workflow templates.


  • The templates are specific to the project type and the language that is used to create it.
  • The templates cannot be converted to workflows, compiled, or published.
  • You can make use of reusable content by creating a library with test case templates. Test data variation is not exported to the library alongside the test case template.
    The resources referenced in the template will not be copied locally to the project where you are trying to import the library. The template should not contain references to other assets, such as workflows within the library.

Test case templates

Empty test case

Choose Empty Test Case when you create a test case if you want to add a Placeholder activity that you want to invoke at a later stage.

BDD test case

Behavioural-Driven Development (BDD)
Choose Empty Test Case when you create a test case to structure your test around Given-When-Then containers.

Test with timeout

Choose Empty Test Case when you create a test case if you want to use a timeout or to take screenshots when a verification fails.

The template is configured to throw a time-based exception, taking a screenshot of the failure that occurred in your workflow.



  • If you set the takeScreenshotOnException Boolean variable to false make sure to modify the Timeout Message property of the TimeoutScope activity.
  • You can modify the timeout in the duration variable. The default is set to five (5) minutes.
  • You can keep screenshots on your machine by configuring Testing Project Settings.

Extract file as template

  1. Open your workflow in Studio.
  2. In the Project panel, right-click a test case and select Extract as template.

You test case is now stored in Project > Templates. You can copy and paste or move it back to your testing folder.




You can create templates directly from the Templates folder for your test cases and workflows.

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You can use the contextual menu within the Templates folder to perform various actions, such as comparing files.

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Test Case Templates

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