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About Debugging

Debugging is the process of identifying and removing errors that prevent the project from functioning correctly. It is recommended to perform debugging during the design stage of the automation project, at activity, file and project level.

Debugging can be performed using several options, defined in the ribbon and explained in the Debugging Actions page.

By default, debugging is performed on the local robot. You can run or debug your projects using a robot on a remote machine by enabling remote debugging.

Several panels make it easier to view the debugging process, add values or monitor variables and arguments.


Start Debugging

The options for running and debugging a file or project are available both in the Design and Debug tabs.

DebugClick Debug or use F5 to debug the whole project.
RunClick Run or use Ctrl + F5 to run the whole project.
Debug FileClick Debug File or use F6 to debug the current file.
Run FileClick Run File or use Ctrl + F6 to run the current file.

The default action under Run/Debug ribbon button can be configured from Backstage View > Settings > Design tab. Pick from Debug File, Run File, Debug Project, or Run Project, as the default action when clicking the button.

During debug, click the Break button to pause. The activity which is being debugged remains highlighted when paused. Once this happens, you can choose other debug actions like Step Into or press Stop to exit and return to design mode. The keyboard shortcut for the Stop button is F12.

It is recommended to use Break along with Slow Step so that you know exactly when debugging needs to be paused.

The Continue option is available when the debug process is paused.

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About Debugging

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