UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

November 2021


Release date: 8 November 2021

The greatest thing about RPA is that it makes your work easier, and we are making it easier to work with RPA.

Starting with the 2021.10 LTS release, you can enhance your automations with our new Integration Service for integrating with third party identity providers. Everything our cloud products offer is now available on-premises with Automation Suite. You can auto-update Studio, Robot, and Assistant directly from Orchestrator, or take advantage of Linux capabilities to run your cross-platform processes.

In addition, starting with release 2021.10, all versions benefit from LTS support. All on-premises Enterprise releases receive two years of mainstream support and one year of extended support. For more information, see our General Availability support.

Take a look at some of the highlights of this release below:

What’s New

Automation Suite

Meet UiPath Automation Suite, now available in Hypercare support. The bundle is designed to offer a consistent, painless, and elegant experience when installing, upgrading, and managing UiPath web products.

Automation Suite is a Linux-based solution that bundles most of our web products, software dependencies, common platform components, and infrastructure in a single installer. In a nutshell, it ensures you have the entire UiPath suite at your fingertips.

Curious how we made all of this work? Go ahead and take a look at our Automation Suite guide.

Integration Service

The brand-new Integration Service brings managed integration with a robust catalog of Connectors to our end-to-end automation platform.

The Integration Service includes the following:

  • Connectors - Powerful pre-built API integrations that provide a consistent developer experience while simplifying the integration process.

  • Connections - Help in establishing tasks between single users and external applications.

  • New Activity packs - They leverage the Integration Service and Connections for increased capability and accessibility.

The Integration Service can be accessed from the left rail in Automation Cloud.

Robot and Studio Auto-Update

Ever thought how great it would be to always have your robots up to date? We have some great news then! You are now able to update Robot, Studio, and Assistant products to newer versions from Orchestrator. This provides an easy way to deliver a version update to a large base of machines from a centralized location, helping remove user friction and streamlining the update process.

Cross-Platform Processes and Linux Robots

The time to take full advantage of technology is here! Using robots in Linux environments allows you to run unattended automations in Docker containers and provides a faster experience and an easier way of scaling up your deployment.

You are now able to create Cross-platform projects and execute them on more than just Windows.

From now on, you can choose between three types of target platforms when creating projects in Studio.

  • Windows - Legacy (.NET Framework 4.6.1)

  • Windows (.NET 5 with Windows support)

  • Cross-platform (.NET 5 with cross-platform support)

The default option is Windows - Legacy, the compatibility used in previous versions of Studio.

Endpoint Protection Integration

UiPath and CrowdStrike have partnered to deliver a unique solution that delivers seamless enhancements to Endpoint Protection for the robot workforce to our joint customers – at no extra cost. As robots take on more and more tasks that humans give them, they can encounter similar risks of attack. For example, downloading a compromised file from a normally safe website or being compromised by an insider.

The integration is available starting with the upcoming CrowdStrike v6.32 release.

Runtime Governance

With this release we introduced a new way to govern what applications, URLs, or emails your robots can use. Configure which applications and URLs can be accessed by automations, or block specific email addresses that you don’t want your robots to send emails to. All of this is done from UiPath Automation Ops by setting robot governance policies, just like you would do for UiPath Studio or Assistant.

Assistant Integration with Automation Hub and Task Capture

You can now run automations and contribute ideas for new automations to the CoE—all from your personal automation launchpad. With a new integration between Assistant, UiPath Automation Hub, and UiPath Task Capture, you can submit automation ideas, as well as kick-start documenting your processes directly from the Assistant launchpad.

Process Mining Purchase-to-Pay

The Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator provides out-of-the-box dashboards and KPIs to jumpstart your process mining journey in P2P. In 2021.10, the P2P Discovery Accelerator has been extended to include Accounts Payable dashboards and KPIs.

New Insights Installer

The new Insights installer brings a revamped user experience and closes the gap between cloud and on-premises functionality, as the two deployment models are now closer than ever to feature parity. You can expect an enhanced ROI experience as well as more powerful reporting and analytics.

Documentation Changes

If you've been with us for a while, chances are you've stumbled upon our Release Notes and Installation and Upgrade guides. This release brings a new documentation approach that changes how you interact with both of these guides.

Release Notes Guide

Release notes for our products have been moved to their rightful place—the product guides. All Release Notes are now available in the corresponding product guide.

The Release Notes guide didn't go anywhere but it now hosts only release notes pertaining to the UiPath Platform as a whole, product integrations, hero features targeting multiple products, and other highlights.

Installation and Upgrade Guide

Up until now, the Installation and Upgrade guide has been administrators` single source of truth when it comes to on-premises, IaaS, or PaaS deployments.

Its purpose has not changed, but it will cover strictly standalone products. Specifically, it will continue to document products that fall into one of the following categories:

  • individual products deployed on-premises via a dedicated installer or script, e.g., UiPathOrchestrator.msi, UiPathStudio.msi;

  • individual products deployed in the cloud and managed by an IaaS or PaaS service provider, e.g., standalone Orchestrator deployed in AWS.

On the other hand, the Automation Suite guide is where you will find guidelines on how to install, upgrade, migrate, configure, and troubleshoot Automation Suite, no matter if you deploy all or part of the products included in the bundle.

Overview Guide

Still on the documentation topic, we have launched the Overview Guide, which contains cross-product reference information, localization support, compatibility matrices, and many more to come. It is intended to provide you with high-level reference information that is not related nor specific to product releases.

Requirements Update

Starting with 2021.10, we dropped support for Microsoft Office 2010.

Release Notes per Product

To find out what has changed on each and every component of the UiPath family, feel free to visit the following links.






Compatibility Matrix

For more information, see Compatibility matrix.

The following product versions are available in this release:

Activity Pack Versions

The following activity packages and versions are included in the .MSI installer and can be found in the local feed.

  • Packages marked with an asterisk (*) are added as dependencies, by default, to a newly created project in Studio.
Activity PackVersion

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November 2021

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