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Action Center
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Last updated Apr 19, 2024


Release date: 3 November 2021

Automation Suite availability

Ten products, one platform.

The newest UiPath deployment model called Automation Suite gathers the functionality from Automation Cloud and compresses it in a sole installation, allowing you to set up Action Center and several other products in an on premises or cloud-hosted environment.

Learn more about Automation Suite, and make sure to check the configuration list.

October is the harvest season for many of UiPath products, including Action Center.

Shuffle through the harvest basket to discover the latest functionality, such as multiple forms completion, enhanced accessibility support, smoother robot interaction, plus many other tweaks—check them out below.

So if you didn't do it by now, it's time to thrive using the human-robot interaction.

What's new

Actions farewell to Orchestrator

The moment to drop Actions management from Orchestrator has arrived, as predicted in 2021.4. It's time for your actions to say farewell to Orchestrator and fully embrace Action Center, the place where you can see and manage all of them, just make sure you are in the correct folder context. Assign, forward, complete actions, and even manage Action Catalogs within the Action Center experience. Don't worry about existing Orchestrator actions, as the installer redirects all Orchestrator action links to the new Action Center interface. You just need to install or upgrade the on-premises Action Center, but bear in mind that you need to connect to one Orchestrator instance. The installation may be on the same server as Orchestrator or on a different one.

Action Catalogs onboard Action Center exclusively

Manage Action Catalogs directly from the Action Center interface. You are no longer required to log in to Orchestrator to create or edit Action Catalogs. Access the Admin Settings from the top navigation bar > More Options in Action Center.

Read more details on how to manage Action Catalogs.

Faster, together

In our mission to expel repetitive tasks, we hereby present to you the option to bulk edit and complete similar form actions in Action Center. Relieve your business users from opening hundreds of similar actions and inputting the same values, or clicking the submission button hundreds of times. Use the Enable Bulk Edit feature while designing your forms and watch the smile rising on your users face.

Read more details in our documentation.

Big Brother on processes

  • Your interaction with the unattended processes exposed in Action Center just got better, as two new pages offer more insight on the selected process runs:

    The View logs page allows you to debug faulted processes or to just monitor their executions. The View wait events page displays the events a Suspended process is waiting on for completion. For more details on how to access these pages and the information they hold, check the Exploring Processes page.

  • No more losing time trying to figure out why doesn’t the process work as expected.

    With the new feature from Orchestrator that exposes a process package requirements, you can quickly identify if any action catalog is missing from the process configuration. If any found, just head over to Action Center > Actions > Admin Settings, add the needed action catalogs, and watch the gears rotate.

3, 2, 1, launch from UiPath Assistant!

Your long running workflows can now be launched from the UiPath Assistant, as attended robots can generate actions and hand the corresponding job resumption over to unattended robots.

Going international, one language at a time

Good news for Spanish and Portuguese speakers: you are now able to follow Action Center installation steps in your own languages, as the new MSI installer contains them as options. Apart from that, Action Center becomes available in Korean, simplified Chinese, and Latin American Spanish.


Keep your friends close, and your users closer

Optimize your resources and license requirements for long running workflows, as now you can resume a suspended job in the same user-machine context used at job start. Learn how to enable this feature from Orchestrator from our documentation.

Express access

We zoomed in on accessibility support in Action Center, and the improved experience helps you become more productive at a touch of your keyboard:

  • Want to switch to different UI sections? Use the Tab key to navigate to the desired UI part and click Enter to access it.
  • Use the mighty DEL key to delete the filters applied.
  • While having multiple window tabs open, you can quickly identify the Action Center one, as the corresponding window tab displays the action ID or the process name.

Do you DU?

Starting with Action Center v2021.10, document types used in document understanding actions (validation and classification) can be created either as single files or part of a group in their corresponding taxonomy.

More room for actions

Filters applied to the actions list are now collected into an expandable menu, so they don't reduce the list length anymore.

Known Issues

  • Renewing your local Identity Server Certificate from IIS and then signing in to Action Center may return an Error 500 message. To prevent this behavior, make sure to manually update the certification thumbprint value in the appsettings.Production.JSON configuration file. Find the file in your UiPath/Orchestrator/Identity installation folder. See more details on how to change the signing credential settings.
  • Don’t get your hopes too high if you use the autofill values to fill in a Currency field and click Save. The form saves all fields but the Currency one. We acknowledge this issue and until further resolution, Yoda recommends: “Value from keyboard enter you must”.

Bug Fixes

Several language options caused Action Center tabs and buttons text to overlap. This behavior is now fixed: the text is displayed as interrupted and you can see the full content on hover.

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