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Task Capture
Last updated May 13, 2024


Release date: 25 October 2021


  • Merge similar screen actions. After finishing the capture process, this new feature detects actions per all documents that contain similar screenshots and offers to merge them.
  • Dark Theme is now available. You can choose to switch to the dark theme, which is more comfortable on the eyes in a dark ambience.
  • Now you can create documentation reusing process maps created in Visio by importing Visio Files.
  • Integration with Task Mining is available so you can export any trace from Task Mining to Task Capture for more adding more details and generating better documentation.
  • Integration with Assistant is available providing you with an additional entry point to Task Capture.


  • Managing Word Templates is now easier with the help of our new interface change and support of uploading custom templates in .docx format.
  • Working with Diagram Elements is improved, adding Element Properties. For Sequence, Decision, Events and Swimlanes, you can now set descriptions and styles (Fill Color, Outline Color, and Font Color).
  • Diagram Elements can now be copied/pasted from one instance of Task Capture to another. This way you can combine different projects based on your needs by having multiple files opened simultaneously.
  • Title change is now possible for event (Start, End) elements.
  • Frequently used command options can now easily be accessed from a new context menu in actions, diagram editor elements, and templates for Microsoft Word.
  • If you are signed-in in Studio or Assistant, Task Capture will automatically sign you in using the same account if the app wasn't activated or the activation expired.
  • You are encouraged to share your feedback directly from the application by rating the application and answering a question.
  • "Capture actions now" link is removed from the sequences on a diagram image exported to Word and saved as an image.

Fixed Bugs

  • Using manual activation with Task Capture in Japanese caused the application to freeze with a white screen.
  • Users without admin rights or read and write permissions were not able to activate Task Capture deployed via MSI installer.
  • Some special characters added before the placeholders in the PDD template caused an error when Exporting to Word.
  • Some UNICODE symbols used in the hyperlinks added to the custom Word template caused an error when Exporting to Word.
  • A wrong error message was shown when activating the license with an invalid code.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts, sometimes pasting was generating an empty sequence.
  • Users were unable to select sequences inside the swimlane and merge them by dragging using the mouse.
  • There was an incorrect behavior of undoing when swimlane was added to the diagram.
  • Some parts of the user interface of the application could not be resized.
  • Users activating the application using a "Community license" and then signing in to an Enterprise plan account caused the license not to be upgraded.
  • Installing a Task Capture on a Japanese environment was causing the application to be displayed in English.
  • The activation plan was not updated when Task Capture was opened & activated from Automation Hub or Test Manager.
  • Copy/pasting a sequence ordered the actions based on the date of creating instead of copied sequence.
  • Pasting to Action Title or Action Description did not work correctly.
  • Using Ctrl + A hotkey to select text from Action Title or Description was not working.
  • Title text extended beyond the borders of a sequence.
  • After building a diagram with multiple sequence blocks with Task Capture opened from Automation Hub, an inaccurate numbering increment was displayed after publishing to Automation Hub.
  • Task Capture licensing was not working with SSL inspection to activate Task Capture via sign-in through cloud.
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  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs

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