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Last updated Apr 22, 2024

May 2021

Apollo Design System

Release date: 26 May 2021

We have just completed some changes that we hope can make your automation journey smoother.

You've been hearing about our new design system Apollo for a while now. It is meant to give you a consistent experience throughout Automation Cloud so that you don't have to think twice about where to find options, what tenant you're in, or how to access your cloud services.

Most of the changes have to do with the header (1) and left rail (2). Keep reading to find out more.

Universal Header

The header is an element that remains visible along the top of the page across all services and gives you quick and easy access to high-level controls. The header includes:

  1. the tenant color (Adding Tenants)
  2. the user menu (User Options)
  3. the name of the product you're currently in
  4. your custom logo, if defined (Adding Your Company Logo)
  5. service-specific options, if applicable
  6. the tenant picker (Switching Tenants)

Orchestrator Embedded Into Automation Cloud

Orchestrator is now fully melded into Automation Cloud. It now behaves the same as all other Automation Cloud services:

  • It is now accessible from the left rail and can be opened from any page in Automation Cloud, not necessarily the Home page.
  • Orchestrator no longer opens in a new tab. Instead, it opens within the main page area in Automation Cloud.
  • Some Orchestrator controls are now accessed from the Automation Cloud header, such as the user options (1), folder picker (2), quick actions (quick create -3, help -4, alert notifications - 5, and profile - 6). Also, you can use the tenant picker (7) to switch tenants more easily.

Release Notes Per Product

To find out what has changed on each product in the UiPath family, visit the links below:

    • Automation Hub
    • Task Capture
    • Process Mining
    • Task Mining
    • Studio
    • StudioX
    • Document Understanding
  • RUN
    • Robot
    • Apps
    • Assistant
    • Action Center

Products without a hyperlink did not receive updates in this patch.

  • Apollo Design System
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  • Orchestrator Embedded Into Automation Cloud
  • Release Notes Per Product

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