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Last updated Jul 12, 2024

May 2022


Release date: 9 May 2022  

We are announcing 2022.4, our first long-term support release of the year. 

Studio and Robot received some important performance improvements, and you can now automate faster from build to run. UiPath® Assistant becomes available on macOS, and you can run attended automations on more platforms. 

Action Center now allows you to encrypt data, providing better control, thus restricting visibility of user-sensitive data. You can use OAuth 2.0-based robot authentication and connect your unattended robots to Orchestrator with a client ID and client secret pair. Also, you can build connections between objects by defining tags and then adding them to different objects across the UiPath products.

What's new 

Performance Improvements 

We have made several enhancements that enable Studio to start faster, improve the speed of opening and creating projects, and the speed of sending changes to source control in projects with many files. Compilation is now faster for Windows and cross-platform projects, both at execution time and at publish time. Additionally, when you execute a project, only the files that have changed since the last execution are recompiled, even if you close and reopen the project between executions. On the same subject, the robot starts processes created in Studio 2022.4 with Windows and cross-platform compatibility up to 50% faster compared to the previous release.

UiPath Assistant on MacOS 

We are happy to announce that with the 2022.4 release, UiPath Assistant for macOS becomes available on macOS, enabling you to access automations right from your desktop. The Auto-Update functionality now also supports Assistant and Robot on macOS.

OAuth 2.0-based Framework for Robot Authentication  

In this release, we ship a new robot authentication mechanism that uses the OAuth 2.0 framework as the basis for its authentication protocol, meaning unattended robots can connect to Orchestrator using a client ID - client secret pair generated via machine template objects. The client ID - client secret pair generates a token that authorizes the connection and provides the robot with access to Orchestrator resources.

Tags/Resource Catalog Service in Orchestrator  

Starting with 2022.4, you can build connections between objects by defining tags and adding them to different objects across the UiPath products. Tags allow you to identify which resources are relevant to you or create a unified taxonomy to help everyone find resources faster.

Document Understanding Handwriting Capabilities and New ML Packages 

Handwriting capabilities are now available for the UiPathDocumentOCR and the UiPathDocumentOCR_CPU packages, by integrating the HandwritingRecognitionOCR. UiPathDocumentOCR_CPU, Utility Bills, W9, and Passports ML Packages are now available as GA and five new out-of-the-box pre-trained ML Packages are now available to ease your work. On top of this, New architecture is available on extraction ML Packages, with major benefits. The Evaluation Excel spreadsheet also received new sheets, allowing you to better organize and interpret the evaluated data. 

Data Encryption in Action Center 

Action Center now allows you to encrypt data that could contain user-specific or organization-specific information. This becomes critical for organizations that have multiple teams using the same infrastructure. In the 2022.4 release, we provide an option for organizations to store Action data in an encrypted state for specific business categories. Data encryption allows individual teams to encrypt data so they can keep Action data and other sensitive information separated and controlled. This new feature enhances security and strengthens privacy protection. Find out more details in our documentation.

Organization-level SAML Integration for Orchestrator

The integration allows you to connect your UiPath environment to any third-party identity provider (IdP) that supports the SAML 2.0 standard - like Okta or PingOne, to name a few.

The integration was already available at the host level, but now you can also enable it at the organization level.

Standalone Orchestrator: About the SAML authentication model | Configuring the SAML integration (for organizations)

Compatibility Matrix

For more information, see the compatibility matrix table.

Activity Pack Versions

The following activity packages and versions are included in the .msi installer and can be found in the local feed.

  • Packages marked with an asterisk (*) are added as dependencies, by default, to a newly created project in Studio.

Activity Pack
















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