UiPath Documentation Website URLs

The UiPath Documentation is provided as an online service and hosted on the ReadMe documentation platform. In order to access it, an internet connection is needed.

If you need to access the UiPath Documentation from an air-gapped environment, certain URLs need to be allowed.

docs.uipath.comActual documentation domain, provides access to plain text and basic visual functionality.
uipath.comUsed to allow access to content embedded from the main website such as contact information.
dash.readme.comThe Suggested Edits feature is handled by ReadMe. For this, you need to log in to the ReadMe platform which is handled through
cdn.readme.ioProvides access to visual code (html, css, javascript) that enhances visual aspects (tables, code blocks, callouts).
files.readme.ioProvides access to files such as images, logos, or gifs. access to images, inline images, or other content stored on the UiPath content servers.
googleapis.comThe search functionality on the site is handled through custom code using Google APIs.
cdn.embedly.comEmbedded content (external videos or pages) is handled with the help of Embedly. capacity planning calculator is hosted externally and embedded in the website.
Videos available on are hosted externally and embedded in the website.



  • UiPath Documentation can reference multiple articles from external sources that need to be specifically allowed in the firewall configuration when air-gapped environments are used.

  • The URLs presented in this document provide access to basic website functionality. Without full internet access, visual or functional issues can occur.

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UiPath Documentation Website URLs

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