Automation Cloud vs Automation Suite vs standalone product availability


UiPath’s customer choice strategy is generally to offer new products first as SaaS services in UiPath Automation CloudTM. Subsequently, products will be made available standalone ("on-premises"), or in Automation Suite. Automation Suite lets you manage your self-hosted UiPath Platform as one product. However, not all of our self-hosted products are part of Automation Suite.

A standalone and an Automation Suite deployment includes the option to install in public cloud.

The below summary shows which products are available currently in each delivery mode.

= Available = Planned = Not available / Not applicable

Automation Cloud vs. Automation Suite vs. standalone

The main difference between the standalone, Automation Suite, and Automation Cloud is where it resides. Standalone products and Automation Suite products are installed on your enterprises’ computers and servers, whereas these products can also be deployed in the cloud (via the IaaS or PaaS model).

Standalone products are installed using an individual installer. For example, Orchestrator is installed using UiPathOrchestrator.msi and Studio using UiPathStudio.msi.

Automation Suite establishes one single delivery and maintenance mechanism for multiple UiPath products. With Automation Suite you can manage your self-hosted UiPath platform as one product. You can enable or disable products at any time after their installation.

Automation Cloud is a cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution that is accessed via a web browser. This implies that for Automation Cloud, provisioning and scaling of the infrastructure is handled by UiPath, and version upgrades are done automatically. For the on-premises and Automation Suite products, you remain responsible for maintaining and scaling the infrastructure and installing new product versions.

See About Automation Cloud for key benefits of Automation CloudTM.

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Automation Cloud vs Automation Suite vs standalone product availability

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