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Release date: 7 April 2022

New(er) mechanism for launching jobs via queue triggers

After some recent back and forth in the area of queue triggers, we are readdressing the way queue triggers launch jobs with - what we hope to be the final and best - implementation of them all.
Problem statement: Whenever your queues contained fewer new items than items in progress, no jobs were launched despite robots being idle. This happened because the number of running jobs (actively processing queue items) would exceed the number of target jobs (jobs needed to process the new items).
Initial fix: Orchestrator accounted for both new and in-progress queue items when computing the number of target jobs, instead of only new items. Sounded good. Didn't work.
Brand new, shiny fix: Orchestrator accounts for new items when computing the number of target jobs, but looks at the number of pending jobs when deciding whether to launch a new job or not.
Say you have 2 new items in a queue, and 2 pending jobs exist => then no new jobs are launched.
Say you have 2 new items, and 1 pending job exists => then 1 new job is launched.

This ensures Orchestrator launches enough jobs to process all new items without going overboard.


Bug Fixes

  • An issue was fixed that would allow an attacker with privileged access to a robot to retrieve the LicenseKey (MachineKey) of other robots within the same tenant by brute forcing API calls to Orchestrator. This would theoretically allow the attacker to access resources restricted only to that robot.
    Read the security advisory for UiPath - Robot Account Takeover.

  • Occasionally, job executions of long running workflows would get stuck in a Running status without being transitioned to a Suspended state. Upon killing those jobs, the jobs transitioned to and got stuck in a Terminating state. The underlying issue has been fixed and long running jobs are now transitioned to the different states as expected and are executed without issues.

  • Credential asset retrieval failed for CyberArk credential store when setting Plugins.SecureStores.CyberArk.UsePowerShellCLI to true in Orchestrator's UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file.

  • The Test Email Settings button could not be used when Use Default Credentials was selected if the SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields were blank.

Updated 7 months ago


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