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Last updated 2024年5月20日

Connecting Your First Robot

This page walks you through the steps for connecting your first attended robot to Orchestrator.

To learn more about connecting your robots to Orchestrator (robot authentication, unattended robot connections), see Connecting Robots to Orchestrator in the Orchestrator guide.


To use a self-signed certificate as a trusted root certificate authority, make sure to install the certificate on the client machine.

See configuring certificates documentation (single node | multi-node) for details.

Create an Attended Robot for Your User in Orchestrator

  1. In the Orchestrator service, navigate to the tenant level > Manage Access.

  2. In the General details section, click Assign roles > User. The Assign roles to a user window is displayed.

  3. Select your user to reference it in the Orchestrator service. You can reference users in Orchestrator, provided they have been added in Automation Suite beforehand.
  4. Leave the role empty if you want the user to inherit access rights from the parent group. Select a role if you want to give explicit access rights to the user i.e. access rights that do not depend on group membership.
  5. In the Robot setup section, enable the Attended Robot toggle.

Connect the Attended Robot Using the Assistant

  1. Open the Assistant.
  2. On the Preferences menu, select Preferences. The Preferences window is displayed.
  3. Navigate to Orchestrator Settings.

  4. In the Service URL field, enter Orchestrator’s URL plus the organization name and the tenant name, such as
  5. Click Sign in. You are directed to the Login page of your Orchestrator instance.
  6. Log in as usual.
  7. Once your identity is confirmed, the robot is successfully connected.

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