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Last updated 2024年5月20日

Configuring SSO: Google

You can enable SSO using Google as your identity provider.
  1. Create a Google OAuth client ID:

    Prior to enabling Google SSO, you must create authorization credentials for Automation Suite from the Google Console.

    1. Integrate Google Sign-In and create an OAuth client ID as follows:
      For the Authorized redirect URI, add the Automation Suite instance URL, plus the suffix /identity_/google-signin. For example, https://baseURL/identity_/google-signin.
    2. Save the Client ID and Client Secret. You'll use them later when you enable Google SSO from the Automation Suite host portal.
  2. Configure Google SSO:

    Now you must configure Google as an external identity provider in Automation Suite.

    1. Log in to the Automation Suite host portal as a system administrator.
    2. Make sure that Host is selected at the top of the left pane and then click Security.
    3. Under Google, click Configure.
      • Select the Force automatic login using this provider checkbox if you want to only allow login with Google.
      • In the Display Name field, type the text you want to show under this login option on the Login page.
      • In the Client ID field, paste the value obtained from the Google Console.
      • In the Client Secret field, paste the value obtained from the Google Console.
    4. Click Save in the bottom right to save your configuration and return to the previous page.
    5. Click the toggle to the left of Google SSO to enable the integration.
    6. Restart the identity-service-api-* pod. This is required after making any changes to External Providers.
      1. Connect to the primary server using SSH.

      2. Run the following command: kubectl -n uipath rollout restart deployment identity-service-api
  3. Allow Google SSO for the organization:

    Now that Automation Suite is integrated with Google Sign-In, user accounts that have a valid Google email address can use the Google SSO option on the Login page to sign in to Automation Suite.

    Each organization administrator must do this for their organization if they want to allow login with Google SSO.

    1. Log in to Automation Suite as an organization administrator.
    2. Add user accounts, each with a valid Google email address.

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