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Last updated 28. Feb. 2024

Automation Store Flow

The Automation Store flow starts from any idea with the status Live - In production. From this point, a CoE representative with publishing permissions will make the automation available for large consumption to all the Business Users.

Participants of the flow are:

- The Technical Reviewer - represented by any user from the CoE with Publishing Permissions - The Program Manager - represented by a decision-maker that can bring an Idea to Live and Production - The Automation User - represented by the business user that uses the Automation Store

The steps of the flow are as follows:

- Any idea with the status Live - In Production can be Published to the Store by the Technical Reviewer, regardless if it is generated via the Employee Driven, CoE Driven or Citizen Development Flow. - Once the Package is published to the Store, depending on the Instant Consumption settings, the Automation Users can Get or Request their desired automation.

Below is a graphical representation of the end-to-end flow.

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